Avid Elixir CR Carbon Disc Brake - 2009

Posted by paul c walton on 20:34 8 comments

Avid 2009 Elixir CR Carbon front and Rear Disc Brake-Right Lever 1400mm hose

* Tapered Bore Lever with Integrated Reservoir
* Tools free contact adjust and reach adjust
* Two-piece calliper with adjustable banjo
* Carbon lever blade
* Top loading pads
* MatchMaker compatible
* DOT 5.1 standard
* G3 clean sweep rotor design
* 160, 185mm
* Weight: 369g

After dragging myself away from gaming and recovering from a really bad lower back strain I decided to get out and test the new brakes that I was so clearly forced to buy after my avid 5s front piston ceased up on me ^^ After some searching for a replacement brake I came across exactly what it was that would pimp my bike up, The Avid Elixir CR Carbon Disc Brake - 2009 from Chain Reaction Cycles at £69.00 each  without rotors. Not getting any rotors posed no problem due to the fact that I already had some,,, bargain comes to mind..  :-)

The brakes took  2-3 short  rides to bed in but when they do get well bedded in you know about it as I did today.. The bite these babies have is amazing, totally different compared to some of the other avid models.
What really stood out to me was the fact that once set up the brake had no signs of disk rub whatsoever! To sum things up I would say that the brakes feel good and they catch the eye (more than once) when fitted also the contact pad adjustment is a nice feature. But two things caused fitting problems for me.

1) The arrow on one of the contact pad adjuster units is pointing the wrong way..
2) The hose for the front brake is way too long (in my personal opinion).

For me these brakes rock though and I would have been prepared to pay a little more for them. Its a shame that they are discontinued at Chain Reaction Cycles because I know you would love them too!!

Skipratt mountain bikes a new lease of life

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Hello all I'm back from the dead with a short post. First off I would like to apologise for not posting for the last year or so, I found myself side tracked somewhat with gaming.
I realise that Skipratt has received a number of offers of link and review requests which I never followed up on, sorry to all for that.

I would like to give Skipratt mountain bikes a new lease of life in the way of content posted. With articles in the form of requested mountain bike related test reviews, please contact me if you have idea's for test reviews you would like done.

I received one such request which got deleted along with my junk email that was completely unintended. This was for carbon rotors which had no follow up web address.
If that person or company passes by this way again, please contact me so I can get my mailing address to you.

Know how important stretching is

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A while back I wrote about knee pain that was troubling me and a change in shoe may solve the problem, wrong!! For the last 12 months I have hit the trails 3, maybe 4 times and the odd road ride in between, (oh yeah I have a road bike now!), but that's another story....

The pain continued in my left knee until 1 night at work where I realised something.. Sports has always been in my life from an early age, consisting of running, weight training, Martial arts and boxing. So I must have a number of injuries, 1 being in my left thigh that gave me some grief when riding bikes.
When riding the injury would feel like a hot knife across my thigh and would tighten up as riding continued. I have also noticed that the muscle size and shape differ in each leg, more noticeably the "Vastus Medialis" that leads to my knee cap.
Whilst walking through the work shop I felt a sudden tightness in the rear of my knee,, "Semimembranosus". My first reaction was to bend over and touch my toes, to stretch, this relieved the tightness and my knee felt more relaxed.

I decided to start stretching before and after riding my bike. The stretches I do are just 2 basic for front and rear, so that's reach down and touch my toes for my hamstring muscle, then grab my ankle towards my buttocks in an upright position whilst using the wall for balance,(balance is one of those things that goes with age..lol), for my thigh muscle.
Since doing these stretches I no longer have knee pain if time is taken with stretching.
You would think that for someone who has been into sports for the best part of his life I would know how important stretching is before doing any exercise!

Winter Health Tip.

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Well winter is truly upon us and with the chill of winter comes the cough's, colds and runny noses of the season...and that's without thinking about the different Flu viruses that we need to avoid.

So what can we actually do for the common cough/cold that will help us without putting loads of artificial chemicals into our bodies which may not work and often have those nasty side effects??

Well one very good step to take is ginger and garlic...now I know this may not be to everyone's liking and it is possible to go into a shop and buy 'Odourless garlic capsules' or 'Essence of ginger', however I find that eating the natural stuff is actually a lot better as it has all of the nutrients there and nothing is lost in the processing.

I take one clove of garlic to the same amount of fresh root ginger..chop it finely and add a teaspoon of butter/marge and then it can be spread on bread, toast, crumpets...added to mash, put on jackets....or any way you fancy trying it. What I have given you are basic proportions but I do tend to make up a large batch in one go and then store it in the fridge (an airtight container is best....believe me on this one!!) It will keep for about 10-14 days no problem.

I have started taking this on a daily basis and I find that I am managing to ward off many of the cold viruses that are flying around the factory at work.

Another thing that you can do is, if you have a sore throat or feel a little chesty try honey and lemon juice in boiling water, It may sound not quite to your liking but it is basically lemsip without the chemicals. Honey and lemon steeped together in boiling water create natural anti-biotic properties which will help soothe the throat and chest. The benefits of making your own instead of drinking a lemsip, (or something similar) Is that you can drink it as often as you want without worrying about painkillers in it, and also you can take painkillers on top if you are feeling really bad. The quantities for the hot drink are roughly (and don't worry there is no exact science to it...some may want it a little sweeter, some a little tarter) about a teaspoon of honey, two teaspoons of lemon juice, one cup of boiling water...double the quantities for a mug. When you have had some...it will not matter if you adapt it slightly to your own taste.

One sure thing not to do when you have cold or coughs is to add alcohol to anything you drink...sure it may sound like a great idea but the alcohol actually destroys all vitamins, minerals, and nutrients on contact so you may as well have not bothered in the first place!!